Officially Launching!

It’s 2020 and Gather and Graze is officially launching! I’m soooooo excited ! I’ve always loved food and I love making people happy so this is my dream come true. My base at the Grate Cheese Deli in Colwyn Bay is up and running and I’m excited to launch the 6 nations box/platter  (with specially selected cheeses originating from the 6 nation countries- the Welsh ones are obviously the best J) and for all the lovers out there the” Valentines Box”. I think the box is just perfect for a romantic date night- I’m planning on including cheese, crackers, yummy chutneys and dips, some crisps and fresh fruit and veg (all with a red/pink theme? And not forgetting some beautiful heart shaped sweet treats from the fabulous“Sweet Snowdonia”. Now with dry January out of the way I’m hoping that 2020 will be incredibly busy and that my grazers are ready for a whole lot of grazing action J